Monday, August 20, 2012

Boys gone handsome Part 2

Now that Anthony is in real school, I need to make sure he's dressed appropriately. They do not wear uniforms, but I wouldn't put a dinosaur shirt on him, since it'll probably become a distraction. For his school clothes I chose Hannah Andersson.Love this brand! Their cotton is still of very high quality (unlike Gap, which disappointed me so much lately), clothes are designed to spend a day in.

First and foremost, we bought a back pack and a lunch box. These were not my faves, but my husband and Anthony both voted on them, so I had to surrender:

The back pack is awesome! I love the padded adjustable straps and VERY light weight.  The lunch box is pretty roomy, can be attached to the back pack. It is insulated inside and has some outside pockets for snacks.
AND... these are pretty unique. You don't see them much in school.

I love Hannah's t-shirts. We are in Georgia, so the t-shirts are worn until November sometimes.
Stripes are usually my favorites. Look at this one!
Isn't that cute?

Hannah Andersson never disappoints me. But I am lucky to have a store nearby, as their shipping charges are pretty high (for those buying on-line)

What is your favorite brand that your SONshine wears to school?

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Anthony goes to kindergarten

I can not believe my baby boy, my SONshine, the love of my life is a kindergartner now. He's riding a "real yellow bus" every morning to school. First couple of days were so hard for me! I came home from the bus stop and cried.

I wonder if every mom has this kind of emotions seeing her baby off to school for the first time. I really would love to hear from others!

I know you'll make your mommy very proud, Anthony! You're smart, kind and gentle. I couldn't wish for a better son than you!

Thank you, Lord, for my family, for my beautiful son and loving husband. I can't thank you enough!