Monday, March 25, 2013

One Million Kisses

That's how much I love you, my SONshine!

Have you ever thought how many things in this life we take for granted? Every day, every minute, every single moment is a Blessing. We breath and that is a gift!

I recently came across a letter that a Mom wrote for her Son's 14th birthday. It would be just an ordinary letter, but her SONshine didn't live to be 14. He got his angel wings just a couple of months before his Birthday.

I was crying the moment I started reading the letter. But one phrase is still burning a hole in my heart. It said: "My baby boy... if I had known we would only have 14 years together, I would have cradled you and kissed you endlessly every single day". 

How sad is that? How sad that we sometimes are "too busy" and do not have time to stop. Stop and look around you. Your baby, no matter how old he is, is the greatest gift God has given to you. And you never know how much time you have together. SO,Take your time to love them, take your time to kiss them, take your time to tell them how much you love them. Take your time to thank God for having them! 

Imagine waking up one morning and not having anything you haven't thanked God for........