Monday, April 1, 2013

Time for myself (dry skin)

After I became a mommy I found that it's really hard to find some time for myself. Always busy, running errands, going to work, doing homework - where to find time? Well, Mondays are my days off, and I decided that these are going to be days for just myself. And today, I am going to do some research about dry skin.

My skin was always on the dryer side, but lately it has been ridiculous. It looks dehydrated and old. I must've been doing something wrong with my daily regiment! Ok, let's look at my day.

* Hot shower in the morning. It is my absolute favorite part of every morning! I like steamy showers, they help me relax. Apparently, hot water strips oils from the skin faster than warm water. Long showers or baths actually dry out your skin. Boo! I can't skip hot water, I would rather make my showers shorter!
* Moisturizer. I have tried so many! Spent too much money without finding the one that would actually help! But just last night I came across this interesting article about the use of olive oil. It described the Mediterranean women who used virgin olive oil for everything - face, hair , body. I do, too, prefer extra virgin olive oil for my cooking, so this morning I was like "why not give it a try?". Let me tell you!!! I love it! I put some olive oil on a cotton ball and pat it on my driest spots  (which is my whole face, except for my nose). It feels so soft! But I can kind of smell it. Maybe it'll be my night regiment from now on.

there's a great website about olive oil. If you have a minute, click on it, it's very informative! Olive Oil Top
Oh, and another thing about moisturizers - they work best if you apply them within three to five minutes of washing to lock moisture in.

* Hydration. This should be a no brainer!  Drink your water! I recently quit soda, so I do drink a lot of water lately. So, we'll see.
* Your cleanser. A lot of people do not realize that using wrong cleanser may actually ruin their skin! That is me, as well. I am so used to my cleanser that I've been using for many years, that I didn't realize it's not for me anymore! My skin was normal when I started using it, and since my skin changed to dry, it's time to change my cleanser as well!
In Style magazine named Cerave Hydrating Skin Cleanser as  the best dry skin cleanser of 2012. It is soap-and fragrance-free, has milky formula and is only  $13! I guess, I'll try it!

I would love to know what other mommies do to fight skin dryness! Please feel free to share!